A new year, a new you.  The only way that is going to happen is you have to take ACTION. ACTION gets things moving, gets the ball rolling, gets work done and makes things happen.  You want to lose some weight, get a better body and be healthier?  Take ACTION.  You want to make more money, be more successful or get a job promotion?  Take ACTION.  It all starts with you and the work you want to put in.  If you are proACTIVE and take the necessary steps towards your goals you will be one step closer to success and greatness.  If you want this year to be your year what  are you going to do to make it different?  Are you going to do the same things you normally do and expect a different result?  Good luck with that because by my definition that is called insanity.  Remember to get something you never got, you have to do something you have never done.  Take ACTION.  ACTION is defined as an act that one consciously wills and that may be characterized by physical or mental activity, or energetic activity.  Let’s take ACTION this year and make this year the most memorable and successful year to remember.  I am ready for the ride if you are.  Ready, lights, camera, ACTION.

dare you

Here is my acronym for ACTION:

A.  Activate your brain

C.  Challenge your body daily

T.  Take risks

I.  Imagine if

O.  Only eat natural foods

N.  Never stop moving.

Activate your brain.  Use your brain as much as you can, keep it sharp.  Read as much as you can.  Educate yourself and be a master at your subject.  Never stop learning.  Attend seminars, lectures and listen to podcasts.  Become an expert.  Play games, do puzzles to keep your mind sharp and increase your memory. They say people who do puzzles and crosswords or less likely to acquire Alzheimer’s as they get older.  My goal is to take ACTION and read more books, watch less TV, start doing crossword puzzles and learn.  I want to learn about everything in which is going to make me the best trainer, a better diving coach, a strength coach and possibly a golf fitness instructor.  Never stop learning.

Challenge your body daily.  Move your body as much as you can.  Whether it be a high intense workout or just a nice stroll around the block, always keep your body moving.  If you want a sharp mind then movement is the key.  Movement is where you solve problems and figure out solutions.  Everyday challenge your body some how, whether it be taking a yoga class, practicing meditation, taking the dogs for a walk, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, attending a workout class or lifting some weights.  Move your body.  The more you move, the better you will feel, the more ACTION you will take to get things done.  The law of physics says: a body in motion will continue in motion until another force ACTS upon it.  If you keep moving, you will continue to make progress and advancement towards your goals.  Have you ever had one of those days where you completed one task or chore and then another and another?  By the time you were done you have done 8 or 9 things.  That is because you kept moving and staying active.  The moment you sit down and watch TV that kills your inertia and momentum.  Don’t stop, keep moving.  They say when the sweat begins to flow the brain begins to grow.

Take risks.  With great risk comes great reward.  Too many of us are too scared to go for what we desire because we are afraid to fail.  You do not know you will fail unless you try.  Stop waiting for the right time or place and just go for it.  If you have the passion, the desire and the drive, it will work out.  LIfe is way too short to be put on hold and always play for the safe and conservative route.  Go big or go home.  Strive for greatness, have high goals to reach and go after them.  One of my favorite quotes is ” Shoot for the moon and if you miss at least you will be with the stars.”

Imagine if.  When thinking about success and where you want to be in life all in takes is some imagination.  Imagine if you had your dream job, or the car you always wanted or your dream house or you got down to the weight you wanted.  Imagine if you could walk into a store and buy anything you wanted in the store without money being an issue.  Imagine if and if you take action you can make your imagination become a reality.  I believe it is all about the law of attraction.  If you imagine all of these great wonderful things you want in your life then the power of the law will work in your favor and begin offering them to you.  Doors will open up and opportunities will arise just keep believing and keep imagining.  If you take ACTION anything is possible.

Only eat natural foods.  If you want success, health and happiness, you have to be proactive about the foods you put into your body.  By only eating natural foods that occur in mother nature like fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs and meats, you are properly fueling your body for success.  When you eat natural foods, you are providing your body with the correct nourishment to live a long lasting healthy life.  I have always loved the analogy that your body is a sports car and you need high quality premium fuel in order for it to perform exceptionally well.  If you fuel your body with lower grade quality fuel (i.e. processed foods, sugars, alcohol) your car will run but very poorly.  Over time  you will begin having mechanical issues with your engine, sludge build up will occur and your car will break down and need to see a mechanic.  You want to keep your car from seeing the mechanic. By taking ACTION you will be in the drivers seat and can control your destiny.  Eating correctly correlates with every step in the ACTION process.  I don’t want to say it is the most important one but it is really close.

Never stop moving.  Keep your eyes on the prize and never stop moving.  Always be moving towards your goals.  Do not get complacent!!  Always be thinking of what you could be doing right now that would greatly benefit your successful path.  What is the best use of my time right now?  Is is watching your favorite TV program or is reading a motivating self help book?  Keep focus, your eyes on your goals and keep trying until you succeed.  After you have accomplished those goals, set new even high goals and strive for them.  There is no limit to you success if you take ACTION.

Let us all take ACTION this year and watch all the greatness unfold.  I am excited for the ride and you should be to.  Bring on the new year and the new year.


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