Workout Inspiration

A great video of a young gentleman getting outside and using the most of his environment to get a great workout in.  Sometimes you do not have to be in the gym using machines and pre set weights to get a great workout.  Sometimes all you need is mother nature and a creative mind to get your body moving. Exercising outside is a great way to get back to being connected with the earth which is an element I believe is missing from a lot of our training programs.  When I exercise outside, I know I get caught up in the exercise I am performing and I am so focused on the movement that I do not go by a count or reps or sets.  I keep going until I am tired, bored or just moved out to something different.  When working out outside, the time for me just seems to fly by.  They next thing I know an hour has passed and I have been having so much fun that it feels like 20 minutes.

Get outside and exercise if you can this week.  Grab a jump rope, a kettlebell or a bar and put together your own program.  No excuses.  Get some fresh air and some sunshine (hopefully) and I promise you, you will be glad you did.



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