10 Minutes of Exercise

Yesterday I did only 10 minutes of exercise.  Yes, 10 good, quality but high intense minutes and let me tell you I am sore.  Let me explain.  This week I had read from one of my favorites sites; Train Like a Warrior about the 4 minute push up test.  Try to do as many push ups as possible in the 4 minute window, resting whenever needed and for however long needed.  I thought this sounded like an interesting challenge for me but I thought why not make a whole workout out of it.

How about we partner the 4 minute push up test with a 3 minute pull up test, a 2 minute kettlebell swing test and a 1 minute burpee test?  Add them all together and you have 10 glorious minutes of an intense and highly effective workout.  Now granted this one not done one right after the other with no rest in between the tests.  My initial plan was to rest for as long as the test was so 4 minutes, 4 minute rest, 3 minutes, 3 minute rest and so on.  However after performing the 3 minute pull up test, I needed a little extra time to recover before proceeding to the other tests.  The biggest challenge for me was the pull up test to the kettlebell swing tests because it required an extreme amount of grip strength.  My forearms were pretty fried after those two.

My test break down was as followed:

  • 4 Minute Push Ups – 157
  • 3 Minute Pull Ups -36
  • 2 Minute 53 lbs Kettlebell Swings -67
  • 1 Minute Burpees – 34

Overall, I thought the tests were fairly challenging with the push ups being the easiest and the pull ups being the toughest.  I would have liked to have a better showing with the pull ups but trying to bang out as many as you can under time is hard and painful.

I recommend to you all to either follow my test protocol or create your own series of tests to perform and see how you stack up.  It is great to challenge yourself and see what you can do.  It is okay to be scared and not want to do it but that is what makes us better, stronger and get in better shape.

If we all did the things we were good at all the time, we would never improve.  Get outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself.
Happy testing and good luck to you.


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