Yesterday’s Workout

Friday’s workout was a straight lifting day. I had a lot of extra fuel in the tank with all the extra Christmas calories I consumed, so it was time to burn them off with a great heavy lifting day.

Warm Up

3 x 8 Push Ups, Pull Ups, Overhead Bar Squat

3 Rounds of: 53lb suitcase carry on each side, 44lb waiter carry, 2 36lb Turkish Get Ups

Workout Out – Everything was 3 x 8

Complex # 1

Double Kettlebell Squats (36, 44, 53 lbs)

Incline Bench Press (95, 115, 115)

Complex # 2

Inverted Bar Row

Sumo Deadlift (135, 135, 145)

Complex # 3

Straight Bar Overhead Press (95, 95, 95)

Straight Bar Drop Lunge (95, 95, 95)

Complex # 4

Kettlebell Swings with the Big Boy (106 lbs)

Dumbbell Push Up to Alternating Row (25, 30,30)


5 Rounds of 10 seconds on, 10 seconds off battling ropes.



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