Top 10 Most Awesome Cliff Dives

I bring to you again on our edition of diving Friday; Cliff Diving.  A great video of the Red Bull Cliff Divers showing the top 10 dives done.  These divers are incredible athletes.  They are fortunate enough to travel around the world to all of these beautiful locations and compete in the sport they love for the chance to be world champion.  You have to remember they are diving from 85 to 90 feet which makes the 10 meter platform you see on the Olympics seem pretty low.  They are doubling that height and then adding about 20 more feet to it.  The amount of body control and spacial awareness needed to perform these dives from the height is incredible.  These are guys are world class and are a breed of their own.  Needless to say they are nucking futs.  Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy your holiday.



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