Nothing is Something

A great Monday movement motivational video about a man using just a park bench and his imagination to move his body around in a unique and creative way.  I love videos like this in which someone takes something and makes into a magical and graceful whole body workout with complex and elegant movements.  I guarantee almost all of you will want to be like the other guy in this video who watches all of this transpire and try it out yourself.  Movement is contagious and infectious.  It is extremely difficult to not move after witnessing other people moving and having fun doing it.  It’s like a dance floor at a party.  At first there is nobody dancing, but then all it takes is just one person to get out there and start moving and it creates a snowball reaction.  Before long, everyone at the party is moving and grooving having a great time twisting and gyrating their bodies to the beat.

Our bodies are designed to move and not be stagnant and sedentary.  The human body is the greatest machine ever designed and it needs to be run to its full potential and not parked in the garage with a car cover on sitting and collecting dust.  I challenge you to get out there and move your body, get outside and make something out of nothing.  Don’t worry about looking foolish, silly or feeling stupid.  Try thinking that the people just sitting there watching you are the ones being foolish.  Get out there and move.

Nothing is something.  Everything is possible.



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