1995 High School Diving

A blast from the past for you today, a diving video of yours truly from 1995.  I was a sophomore at Sunnyslope High School, I had long blonde hair, I didn’t have my license but I had a passion and a will to win and succeed.  The meet is at Arizona State University and I went into this meet with no expectations, a great attitude and a relaxed state of mind.  I believe all that helped me dive very consistent and place fairly high.  I was very pleased to place 2nd place in my second year of high school diving only 7 points shy of the winner.  I was very fortunate to have almost all of my family there to watch, cheer and support me on my quest for excellence.  I believe you can hear my dad and brother chanting for me on the last dive, it makes me smile and will always have a special place in my heart.  Enjoy and have a spectacular weekend everyone.


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