17 Year Old Girl Training Hard

One thing I love about fitness is that your age, sex and/or ability does NOT Matter. You can be successful in fitness no matter how old you are, old or young, your sex (male or female) and your ability. Some people have great ability and can do an unlimited amount of exercises and movement and some may be limited by their body whether it be an amputation, paralysis or some other form of limitation. Regardless of the case, as long as you try, push your body to the limits and do the best you can do with what you have it does not matter.

What I have for you today is a video of a young 17 year old girl doing exercises and lifts that most men her age or even twice her age would have a tough time performing. This girl just rocks. She trains hard, trains with a purpose, has a tremendous physique and is incredibly strong. I challenge you to do even half the exercises she performs. I love almost all the exercises in this video which says a lot because I am not a fan of crossfit. I say almost all because I am not a fan of the American kettlebell swings in where you swing the kettlebell all the way over your head, but other than that I would love to complete this workout with her. I do get jealous of other gyms and all the great tools they have. I would love to have climbing ropes and also be able to slam some weights down when you are done with your lifts.

Hopefully this video inspires and motivates you to mix up your workouts and try new things. Notice how it is all free weights. No machines, just your body and some equipment.

For those of you who do not know the conversion since it is all done in kilograms(kg), 1 kilogram(kg) equals 2.2 pounds.  So whenever you see the weight in kg just times it by 2 plus some and that will give you the weight in pounds.  Enjoy and happy lifting.


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