2003 New Mexico State Fair

Back in my years of doing high dive shows from the years 2000 to 2004, often times the company would set up a shows at various state fairs throughout the year.  I had the distinct pleasure of working the New Mexico State Fair for the 3 weeks the fair was in town.  In the video you will see that it is a traveling tank show.  Everything had to be set up and torn down by the divers of the show.  There is a ten foot deep above ground tank, followed by diving boards 10 feet up from the water and then the high dive later with perches at 40, 50 and 70 feet.  The scariest visual is when you are on the diving boards because you know the water is only 10 feet below but however for any reason if you were to miss the pool (which can and has happened) you are looking at 20 feet to hard asphalt.  No divers were hurt in the making of this video or in the whole fair.

The video is of the opening dive set of the show we did called Mermaids and Mariners.  This show was a blast to perform, it is quick, high energy and flows very well.  It is probably one of my favorite shows to perform.   I believe I am the 3rd diver to go and this was back in the day when I actually had hair. Enjoy



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