Primal Pyramid

When we were all back in elementary school and we were in health class they covered healthy eating and the best food groups to eat.  They wanted us to follow the food pyramid chart provided by the FDA.  We all remember the pyramid right?  All the essential food groups ranging from what you had to have the most of on the bottom to what you should eat the least of at the top.  The bottom portion of the pyramid said we had to eat 6-11 servings of grains every day.  I don’t know about you but that seems like quite a lot to me.  That is at least 2 servings of grains for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Now this is what we are lead to believe, but have you ever asked yourself why?  Why are we suppose to have more servings of cereals, breads and grains than natural fruit and vegetables?  Why are they good for us and we should eat mass quantities of them?  Is it because they are good for us?  Not quite.  Is it because of the high fiber?  Not really because fruits, vegetables and nuts are all high in fiber.  Or is it maybe, just maybe, that all the large grain, cereal and bread corporations want you to believe it is good for you and you can not live without it?  Yes.  Let me tell you something, you CAN live without it.  It is not very hard if you are dedicated, disciplined  and try.  I believe most of us have been brain washed from an early age to believe what is good and what is bad.  Let us start challenging authority, think for ourselves and find out on our own.

Eating primal means totally eliminating the whole bottom section of the food pyramid and rearranging the food groups.  Eating primal will give you the optimal health you have been searching for while dropping unnecessary pounds and reducing body fat.  I believe eating primal is the key to living a long healthy lifestyle.  Let us take a look at what a new primal pyramid would look like:

Just by increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables, eliminating your intake of grains and decreasing your intake of sugars, you will be well on your way to successful eating.

However, for those of you and most of America who continue to eat they way you do with highly processed, high sugar and low nutrient fast food, the obesity epidemic will continue to rise.  It is sad to me to see the shape and size of the people of America today.  We can change, we can make a difference.  Here is how the world is evolving in my eyes:

Have a fantastic primal pyramid eating day.




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