Michigan vs. Michigan State Diving

A great video of two powerhouse schools dueling it out in a regular meet.  Often times you will find a lot of the great diving schools are in the midwest and east coast.  Michigan, Indiana, Texas, Ohio, Georgia and South Carolina are all states with great college diving programs.  I believe it is because there are more indoor pools in those states so the divers are able to compete and practice more in those harsh winter months.  Usually in college meets such as this one, one school will compete against another on a Friday or Saturday afternoon.  The divers will dive 6 dives on each board and the diver with the highest score wins.  I love college diving because the divers are still learning and progressing and so they are not perfect.  You won’t see divers hitting every dive for 8’s or 9’s like in the Olympics.  There is still some errors and slight misses with divers going long or short on 1, 2 or maybe 3 dives.  Oh, good old glory days.  Enjoy.


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