The Russian Swing

For this week’s installment of diving Friday, I am changing gears just a little bit and I am introducing you all to the Russian Swing. The Russian Swing is an amazingly built contraption used in Cirque Du Soleil shows to catapult divers high in the air so they can perform their spectacular somersaulting and twisting dives. Because it is human powered, divers are able to soar to great heights and perform all sorts of difficult acrobatics that they would not be able to on their own off of the diving boards or platforms.  I unfortunately do no have any experience off of the Russian swing but would love to have my go at it.  It looks like a tremendous amount of fun, no only for the diver being launched but also for the  pusher.  I would definitely try to loop it if I was the pusher and I can not count how many dives I would love to try.  The only experience I have which is remotely similar is going off of  a mini trampoline off of the 10 meter tower.  It’s a good rush but probably not any where close to the same as being launched off of the swing.

Enjoy and have a swing-tastic day.


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