Workout of the Day

My warm up to get the blood flowing.

2 Rounds of:

20 Skater Jumps, 10 Medicine Ball Slams, 10 Lumberjacks (hold med. ball between your legs in squat stance and jump your feet together while raising the ball over your head)

Big Circuit #1

5 x 10 Alternating Sets

TRX Rows to Squat Jumps

Circuit #2

5 x 10 Alt Sets

Kettlebell Push Ups to 106 lbs Kettlebell Swings

Circuit #3

3 x 10

Barbell Shoulder Press (65, 95, 95) to Pull Ups to Dumbbell Side Lunge with 25 lbs

Circuit #4

Barbell Bench Press (135, 135, 155) to Romanian Deadlift (135, 135, 155) to Keiser Skier Pull Downs @ 25 lbs

Circuit #5

2 x 8

Dumbbell Push Up Windmills with 25 lbs to Drop Lunge with 25 lbs to 40 Alternating Band Rows



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