Sprint Circuit

If any of you read my posts on Monday, I had told you I love watching videos that open up my mind, inspire me and push me to be more creative.  Well, I have become inspired and wanted to show you all what I have come up with.  I want to show you a circuit in which the numbers do not matter or the path to get the job done.  I go from sprint on the treadmill to over or under the box however I choose to squat, clean press with the kettlebells to some bear crawls to explosive push ups to the ropes to pull ups to jumps over the benches.  Continuous movement.  No stopping, no interruptions.  Just transitioning from one exercise to the next without very little rest in between.

No where in this circuit was I worried about reps, sets or time.  I would simply perform an exercise as best as I could for as long as I wanted to.  My primary focus was full body movements and enjoying the exercises.  And boy did I enjoy this circuit.

“You can have results or you can have your excuses. You cannot have both.” 


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