Inspiring Training

An interesting video of a guy working out in a gym without a whole lot of equipment, moving naturally and gracefully from one complex exercise movement to the next.  I believe your body is meant to crawl, swing, balance, climb and carry heavy loads in all various directions and intensities.  Your body is a very complex machine which requires complex movement patterns and needs to be challenged with different stimulus day in and day out.

How many of your workouts look like this?  How many of you are bounce from one exercise to the next?  Unfortunately I am guessing not too many.  I believe we are so caught up on reps, numbers, weight and sets that we often forget about the joy of the movement and strive strictly for the completed outcome.  Find happiness in your workouts and move your body in ways you haven’t before.

I love videos like this one because it inspires me and opens my eyes to new ideas of training and movement.  If you are not inspired, you are tired and I am always looking for new ways to train my clients and myself.  I look forward to creating similar circuits like these this week.  Challenge yourself and get inspired.


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