Compete Everyday

Over the past week I received some unfortunate news about a client who had passed away.  I was fortunate enough to train this client and was always blown away with his work ethic, his never say die attitude, his intensity and his overall caring and loving for life.  He was truly one of the nicest people you would meet, always had such a fantastic positive attitude and would always say “that’s just great” to any news you would tell him about your success or family.  He was a true class act, one heck of runner competing in several marathons and a super competitor.  He loved to be challenged in the gym and would often not move on from an exercise until he had mastered it.  He was known for having this quote at the end of his answering machine ” Compete everyday”

Compete everyday.  Just brilliant.  It can be used in so many different contexts and can be applied to everything you do in life.  We are constantly competing against ourselves everyday whether it be to make the right decisions in life, in nutrition and in health.  We compete against aging, compete against gravity and compete against father to time to make the most of our time here on this planet.    You should also be competing about the right food choices to eat.  You know what is right and what is wrong and the thoughts going on inside your head.  Should you have a cheeseburger and fries for lunch or a chicken salad?  Make the right decision and don’t let the bad decision triumph over the good.

We should all be competing against ourselves and the weights in the weight room.  You should be competing to see how much weight you can lift and how many more reps you can do.  It should be just an all out battle in the weight room.  You should walk in and just say ” weights you have no idea who you are messing with”and just get after it.  Lift heavier, run faster, jump higher and squeeze out a few extra reps until you win the competition.  Clients often ask me what I am training for and do you know what I tell them?  Life.  I am training for life.  I am training to be strong, fit, athletic, flexible and powerful.  I am training to be disease free, to reduce my risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity.  I am training to have a long healthy life and to be able to enjoy all the finer things like golf, basketball, diving, my wife and my daughter.  I train to me the best me I can be.  How about you?

If you need some inspiration of some young individuals competing in the weight room and making themselves better than look no further.  Here is a video of young athletes putting in the time, work and sweat to improve in their sport and hopefully in life.

How many have you have ever trained to where you are flat on your back sweating and gasping for air like in the end of this video?  Why or why not?  I know I have.  I call that the Happy Place.

Get after it this week and remember to compete everyday.


One thought on “Compete Everyday

  1. Good post today! Compete Every Day is a way of life, a mindset that can literally change your approach to everything. Thanks for helping spread the Compete message.

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