Just A Regular Exercise Circuit

Here is a short video of me performing what I would call a regular or “normal” exercise circuit.  The majority of the videos I post are usually of me going super angro crazy for one of our challenges.  I do not exercise like that all the time maybe only once a week.  Majority of the time I perform circuits like this in the video to where I get a full body workout by constantly moving from one exercise to the other.  Notice how I am not going all out super speed but rather casually going from one to the other at what I would call a regular pace.  I am only giving myself a few seconds to catch my breath and get set up before starting the next exercise.

Are your workouts similar to this one?  Are you transitioning from one thing to the next or are you camped out on a machine resting 2 to 3 minutes between each set?  Why or why not?  Exercising this way is one of the most superior ways to burn calories, reduce body fat, gain lean muscle mass and stoke your metabolic rate.  Crank up your workouts by creating circuits.  Plan from one exercise to the next.  It is quite simple as long as you cover Frontdive’s basic movements such as : squat, lunge, push and pull.  Anytime you can perform combination exercises like jump to pull up or dumbbell lunge to shoulder press like in the video, the higher your heart rate gets, the more calories you burn and the more bang for your buck you get.  Think about ways you can add combination exercises into your workouts.

“Learn it, train it, don’t fear it and it will be a success”


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