Training Motivation

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend like I did. I enjoyed my family, got some sun, hung out with great friends, went to a pumpkin patch and got to play golf. A very action packed weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it. I am very fortunate and very thankful to be able to do the things I do. I am always grateful and never take anything for granted, just like you.

Never take your life or your workouts for granted. We should all feel privileged to work out and move our bodies around because I guarantee there are people out there who are not so fortunate. We should all feel blessed to do the things we do, to lift heavy objects, to jump around, to get a good sweat and to move and twist our bodies every direction. Let’s get fired up, inspired and motivated to get after it this week. Take that workout class you always wanted to, try new and exciting ways to change your workout up and get busy. Always think outside the box. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. If you aren’t happy with the results you are getting, then you need to change something up my friend. Here is a video to get you inspired to try something new.

Hard Work, Done Well, Feels Great



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