Monday Motivation

It is Monday and it’s time to start the week off with a bang.  We are all charged up, rested up and well fed from the weekend and are ready to hit it hard in the gym.  If you want the body of a professional athlete then we have to learn how to train like one.  Here is an amazing video of young NFL athlete putting in the work, training hard and getting it done.  He is working on all his necessary skills to make him bigger, stronger, faster and quicker on the field.  He is putting in the work on the field working on his sprints, his accelerations, cutting, back pedaling and change of direction.  He also is getting after it in the weight room with all of the explosive and compound lifts working the whole body.  Lifting heavy is the key to muscle growth and strength.  My boy here is squatting 365 lbs with ease.

How many of your guys’ workouts look like this?  I am guessing not too many.  Try mixing it around this week and train like an athlete.  There is an athlete in all of us just dying to get out.  Think about doing some sprints in the field and also lifting heavy on the same day.  Use all of the great lifts like; back squat, split squat, clean and jerk, clean and press and deadlift.  Get in, get after it and get out.  Keep your workouts short, intensity high and focus sharp and you can achieve the athletic body you desire.

Happy Monday all, good luck!


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