2011 Diving Winter Nationals

A great video of young divers dueling it out for the chance to become National Champion. All of the divers nationwide compete a couple of times a year for the winter and summer nationals in hopes to capture that title. You will find a lot of great divers, some that are excelling in college, some that out of college and training for the olympics and some that are not in college yet and just have been dominating their age groups. In order to even compete in nationals you have to go through a couple of qualifying meets first. First you have to take top 12 or 16 in regionals to qualify for zones. In zones you have to basically place in the top 4 to make it to nationals.  From there all you have to do is dive flawlessly and you are on your way to becoming a national champion.  Easy breezy lemon squeezy!  No problem right?  This is when all your hard work, dedication and training pay off.

My favorite dives are at 1:24, first time I saw a reverse 3 1/2 pike off 3 meter and 1:45, the diver just powders a back 3 1/2 pike off 10 meter.  Enjoy!


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