Tough workout yesterday with it being the first day back from vacation.  A lot of toxicity in the body, my blood pumping through the body felt like sludge.  Had to sweat it out.

2 rounds of: 20 jumping twisting lunges with slam ball, 10 lumber jacks with slam ball, 10 slams, 10 burpees with ball and 1 minute on the jump rope

2 rounds of: 8 giant step ups on each leg, 10 pull ups, 10 chops from high to low on each side, 6 35 pound 1 arm squat curl press on each side and 15 seconds on the VersaClimber

Big Finisher:  Up and Over the Hill

10 second sprint on the treadmill at 12 mph at 5 % incline, then again at 10% incline, 15% incline, 20%, 2 at 25% and 10 mph and then back down, 10 mph at 20%, 12 mph @ 15%, 10% and 5%.  I rested as much as I needed to before going again but no longer than 1 minute.

Cool Down, 2 rounds of:  15 stability ball leg curls and 10 ab wheel roll outs


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