2008 Olympic Diving Exhibition

A video of the 2008 Olympic dive team performing an exhibition at the Rose Bowl Aquatics in Pasadena, CA.  I was fortunate enough to attend and view this splendid display of diving in person.  It was quite impressive seeing all the Olympians perform their dives and really neat just being on the pool deck with them.  I was able to meet them and wish them good luck before heading out to the games.

What you don’t know is, the gentleman doing the triple indy at the end of the video is my dear good friend of 12 years Mr. Jimmy Adams.  Jimmy was on the diving show at cedar point my first year there and I have been friends with him ever since.  We both live in California not too far from each other and he is probably the best show diver I have ever met.  He always informs me of diving events and performances in which he needs help with.

What you don’t see is, after Jimmy does the triple indy, he gets out of the water and says he needs help from his friends the Aqua Maniacs.  Then, me and a bunch of clown divers come running out and perform a 3 minute clown diving set.  Just another highlight of my diving career.  Enjoy


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