A Greatly Inspiring Video

Wow, I came across this video yesterday in my search for inspiring and motivating material for all you viewers of Frontdive Fitness.  It really blew me away and struck a few chords on my heart strings to see someone in this world who is so kind, so generous and  so giving.  To know there are people out there like this gentlemen gives me hope and fills me up with pride.  We all have the capability and the ability to be this generous but unfortunately we choose not to.  What is your life all about?  What do you want to be remembered by?  What do you want your legacy to be?  I have always wanted to help people hence why I choose my profession of personal training.  I believe life IS all about giving.  Giving to others and watching their faces light up with smiles and pure appreciation.

I am challenging all of you and myself included to get outside of your comfort zone this week and do something extra ordinary.  Find some way or some how to give away your time, money or food to someone who is in more need of it than you.

Remember to always be grateful because there is always someone else who would love to be in your shoes.


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