There are two amazing, intricate, complex and unique machines that are synonymously related: the automobile and the human body.  Both are well designed efficient machines with a lot of the same characteristics like structure, moving parts, an engine, a power source, forward and backward locomotion and freedom.  One thing both really have in common is fuel source.  The car will absolutely not go anywhere without fuel and if you run out, you are no longer moving and are stranded.  The human body can go without fuel for long periods of time, but without proper hydration your time is shortened considerably.

The aspect I want to touch on is the quality of the fuel you are putting into your machines.  Now, if you have say a Ferrari, what kind of fuel would you put into it?  Would you put the regular grade gas from 7/11 in it?  Probably not.  You would more than likely go with the highest octane premium fuel you can buy at the best place.  Why?  Everyone knows the better the fuel you put into your sports car, the better it will run, the less gunk will build up in the engine and the longer life you will get out of your car.

The human body is no different.  You have to think of your body as high performance sports car.  It needs the best fuel possible every time you top off.  Now let’s think every time you eat out at some fast food place with all that highly processed fuel, that you are only fueling your body up for a short trip.  The more processed and unnatural your fuel is, the more damage it is doing to your body, the more your performance is going to be effected, the more damage it is doing to your systems and the quicker your check engine light is going to come on.    If you fuel your body with the proper nutrients, such as fruits, vegetables, organic meats, eggs, and nuts, the longer you can perform without re-fueling.

Think of your body as a Ferrari and only put the best possible fuel in it wherever you go.


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