Things That Interested Me This Week

Hey guys, I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend.  I just wanted to share with you all some really great things that interested me this week and deserve some attention.

Mark Sisson from Maks daily apple had a couple of great posts this week.  First one is on whether or not eggs are as bad for your arteries as cigarettes and the other great post is the great benefits of spending time outside.

My good dear friend Kyle Knapp from bare5 has an interesting perspective on us humans as snowflakes.  Basically, the fantastic post is about how we are all different individuals and what may have worked for you or someone else may not work for you now or again.

Great closeout sales on Vibram Five Finger toes shoes and a lot other fabulous minimal shoes at Birthdayshoes.  I just purchased another pair of the Classic VIbrams(my absolute favorite pair) at 50% and this is partly due to the fact they are no longer making that style anymore.  Very sad.  Also if you look around at birthdayshoes they show the new lines of vibrams coming out in the fall and next year.  Some look very cool.  Hopefully the wife will let me buy a pair or two.

Lastly, I really cool email I received this week from Mr. Mike Boyle.  Mike Boyle is one of the top strength coaches in the world and trains Boston University as well the other major sports teams in the Boston area.  He is one of the great minds in the fitness industry and I have always admired is work ethic, knowledge and humor.  He is a hard worker, straight out of Boston and tells it like it is.  There are some great points I totally agree with.  Enjoy

A couple of these aren’t true anymore but it still makes interesting reading.
1-    My wife is my best friend.
2-    I thought I loved my dog until my first child was born.
3-    I’m beginning to believe in Karma. I think the more you give the more you get.
4-    I might be one of the luckiest people in the world.
5-    My father is in the Boston University Athletic Hall of Fame.
6-    I have an office in Agganis Arena. Agganis Arena was named for Harry Agganis arguably the greatest athlete in BU history. In a strange twist, my father was captain and center on the BU Football Team when Harry Agganis was a sophomore quarterback.
7-    I’m very proud of my Dad but, I don’t tell people often enough. At 49 I’m still worried that it will sound like bragging. I know, it’s silly. He’s been dead over 20 years and I still meet his former students who tell me how much he changed their lives. Some have been sixty years old. If you drive by Malden High School you will see a sign that says Arthur P. Boyle Building.
8-    My Mom was in the Marines in World War II. According to my sister she drove celebrities around Europe for the USO.
9-    My best sport growing up was swimming but, I was a wanna-be football player.
10-   Failure is a great teacher. Trying to get stronger to play football changed the path of my entire life.
11-   I love to watch my daughter Michaela compete at anything. My weekend centers around her games.
12-   I don’t really enjoy working out. I do it sparingly so I will not die or embarrass my b usiness.
13-   My son Mark is named for Mark Bavis. Mark was one of my favorite players and died on 9/11/2000.
14-   I like beer, probably too much. I rarely drink alone so I consider myself a social drinker. At times I can be very social.
15-   I don’t like many foods that are good for you. I dislike most fruits and probably don’t eat a piece of fruit a week.
16-   I also don’t really like water.
17-   I really like donuts. I would eat them every day except I don’t really want to be fat.
18-   I consider myself an obsessive-compulsive with attention deficit disorder. I get a lot done but, need to do it in small increments. I have a file called “articles to be finished” with at least thirty articles in it.
19-   My younger brother has two adopted children. I&r squo;m very proud of him.
20-   I am a recovering work-a-holic. Some days my recovery is going better than others. I don’t have email on my phone to create some peace in my life.
21-   I am obsessed with email. It has made my life easier and harder all at the same time.
22-   I really love my kids. I kiss then every chance I get. I’m going to kiss my son on the lips until he tells me it’s “gross”.
23-   My nine year old daughter is rapidly approaching the “come on Dad, not in front of my friends” stage and I’m a bit sad.
24-   If given the choice of spending time with my wife or anyone else, I always choose my wife.
25-   I’ve worked at Boston University since January of 1983, I think. It was so long ago I’m not really sure.

Mike Boyle

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.


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