Diver David Boudia

I was completely blown away on how the US team dove at the Olympics.  We had an incredible showing and walked away with more medals than I had expected.  My original prediction was that we would get skunked again (I know, very pessimistic, but I am a realist).  Boy was I ever proved wrong.  The girls started if off with a fantastic finish with a sliver in the 3 meter synchronized springboard.  Then we were able to capture bronze on both the men’s 10 meter synchronized platform and men’s 3 meter springboard.  I am very happy for diver Troy Dumais to finally get his first medal after diving in his fourth and probably final Olympics.

The highlight of the games came on the last night of competition, the grand daddy of them all, men’s 10 meter platform.  Oh what an incredible contest.  This meet was by far the best competition I have seen in a long time.  David Boudia was on fire.  He went from barely qualifying in the preliminaries to the Olympic gold medalist.  It all came down to the last dive with the top 3 divers only separated by .15 points.  Classic example of who wants it and who is going to step up and get it.  David Boudia did.  I am also very happy for young diver Tom Daley to take bronze and doing so in front of his country’s fans.

A video of David Boudia setting the record at 2010 summer nationals.  This is a much similar list to the one he performed at the Olympics.

Great job US at this years’ Olympics and we look forward to the next games.


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