Functional Training Summit

Over this past weekend, me and my co-workers of mine attended the Perform Better Functional Training Summit in Long Beach.  The Summit is a 3 day seminar filled with all of the fantastic personal trainers and strength coaches out there giving lectures and hands on presentations on all of the latest and greatest ways to improve and train.  It is designed for you to pick and choose who and what you want to see and learn and unfortunately sometimes you are not able to attend all of what you want to see.  Every hour there is 4 presentations going on, 2 lectures and 2 hands on.  After looking at the schedule you have to pick which ones you want to hear talk and which ones you want to participate in.  Me personally, I learn a lot more from doing the hands on.

The Summit is a great way to not only learn new ideas, techniques, exercises and programming but it is also a way to get charged up and inspired.  When in the training world like any other job, you become stale, routine and end up doing the same things out of habit.  After spending a weekend with all of these great minds who have so much energy and passion for fitness, it carries over to you and gets you fired up and excited again.  It is a great way to recharge you self and get ready for school season for when things start to pick up for us.

I would like to share with you all the presenters that I had the luxury of seeing and learning from.

Thomas Plummer – Creating a Life in Fitness (lecture).  A great presentation on what I need to do make a life in the fitness industry and to look into future planning.  What is your exit strategy?  When does it end?  Why do you believe in the things you do?   The most important message I got out of this is to find your niche.  Find out what you want to master whether it be fat loss, working with athletes, kids or golf.

Jason Glass – Explosive Rotational Power (hands on).  A good, high energy and fun hands on how to generate more rotational power.  Strength is not power, speed is power.  I got a lot of great exercises from this one.

Mark Verstegen – Performance Training (hands on).  Mark talked about the importance of barefoot training and taking good care of your feet.  One of the most important things all of us can benefit from is rolling out your arches with a tennis ball in the morning while you are brushing your teeth.  Learned some foam rolling techniques for the lower leg and  basic exercises to help the feet.

Jason Brown – Next Generation of Partner Training (hands on).  This class just rocked.  Great new concepts to train partners and keep it super fun.  I had so much fun in this one and it didn’t even fee like I was working out.  Super sweaty and tired but learned a lot.

Kelly Starrett- Maximizing Force, Speed, and Stability (lecture and hands on).  Kelly is a great presenter with great delivery and energy.  His mind concept was all about torque and ways to generate and create torque in the shoulder and hip.

Martin Rooney- Warrior Cardio: Secrets of Metabolic Training.  I was very hesitant to go to this one because I was very tired and very sore and by reading the topic, I kinda knew it was going to be tough and challenging.  I am so glad I did.  Martin Rooney was the best, most hyped up and energetic presenter I saw the whole weekend.  His energy is electric and contagious.  His warm up process with a group of 300 people was amazing.  We did a lot of great metabolic circuits and my clients are in trouble coming this week.

Robert dos Remedios- Programming Non Traditional Tools into Your Program ( lecture).  A good lecture on ways to incorporate different tools into your program like ropes, TRX, sandbags, kettlebells and sleds.

One of the neat things about going to these seminars is that they have all this new equipment out on display for you to try out and play with.  One piece in particular that I love and played on a lot last year is called the MoveStrong.  The MoveStrong is this enormous piece of equipment that will satisfy ALL of your equipment needs.  It has everything!  You can hook up your bands, ropes, TRX’s to it and it has attachments for weight lifting and medicine ball tosses.  The coolest thing I think about it is it has monkey bars and various pull up bars and what not all over it.  You can swing and jump and climb and do pull up jumps on it.  It is awesome.  If I was to every open my own gym, I would just buy this

New this year from TRX was a similar piece of equipment.  It is not as fancy and doesn’t have all the bells and whistles but it is still pretty cool.  I have a short video of me playing on it swinging and jumping from bar to bar.

In review, a great seminar.  I learned a lot, became inspired and energized again and had a great time bonding with my co-workers.  Definitely worth going to every year.


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