Workout Example

Below is the short but sweet cardio blaster I performed to get the cobwebs out and get it started on the beautiful Monday morning. Very short, very intense, and very effective.

General Warm Up
Leg swings, lunge and twist, band walks, side lunge, back lunge, 1 leg reach, skipping, carioca, side shuffle, jump rope

1st Circuit

10 second sprint on the treadmill 12 mph and 10% incline, 30 seconds of jump rope, inch worm down the length of the gym(30yards) 5 ball slams

5 times through

2nd Circuit

10 seconds on the VersaClimber, 20 speed band rows, 10 seconds on the 3 inch heavy battle rope, 5 burpee jumps

3 times through

Call it a day


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