Greg the Great

Another video from the greatest American diver, Mr. Greg Louganis. Mr. Louganis is the most famous and associated name in all of diving due mainly to him hitting his head in the preliminaries of the 1988 olympic games. We all know the story, he hit his head while performing a 305B, reverse 2 1/2 pike, received stitches and came back to qualify for the finals. One thing most people do not know is after hitting his head, he still had 2 even more difficult dives to execute in the same direction, a reverse 1 1/2 with 3 1/2 twists and a reverse 3 1/2 tuck.

Another insider tidbit, the next day in practice the first dive Greg had to practice was the same one he had hit his head on. I think that was a brilliant move by his coach Mr. Ron O’brien. Making him get over the fear of that particular dive and letting him know it was a fluke thing.

This video captures Greg in his finest with almost his whole dive list. He makes diving look very smooth, so graceful and very elegant.


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