2008 Olympic Diving

Happy belated 4th of July everyone. I hope you all had a safe and fantastic fourth such as myself. The olympics are only 3 weeks away and I am geared up and excited to watch. I can not wait to see who and what olympic heroes and stories will unfold, capturing that special true olympic moment. Whether it be an athlete coming back from an injury such as Greg Louganis or Keri Strug, a world record being broken or true underdog come from behind victory, I am ready to view.

Today’s video is of the 2008 men’s springboard final. The best of the best competing for olympic gold for themselves as well as their country. This competition breakdown went: Gold – He Chong from China, Silver – Alexander Despatie from Canada and Bronze Qin Kai from China. I was very happy to see Alexander Despatie finally get a medal because I really like his style and he has been diving for awhile so I feel it was his time. The most insane dive done is from the gold medalist He Chong in the last round.  He performs a front 2 1/2 pike with a triple twist!   Incredible!!  A little bobble with the legs on the out but we will let him slide.  I look forward to seeing who will be the next olympic champion. Will the Chinese retain their dominancy? Time will only tell. Happy Friday all.


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