Movnat Training Circuit

With summertime upon us, I encourage all of us to get outside as much as we can and enjoy the beautiful, sunny long days.  Enjoy the time with family and friends at the beach, pool, park or wherever gets you outside enjoying the fresh air.  I am currently enjoying taking my daughter Devon of 15 months to the pool on a regular basis and she absolutely loves it.  It makes me very happy that she is so comfortable in and around the water at such a young age.  I believe there is hope for a future olympian in there one day.  I take her from off the side of the pool and while holding onto her I count to three and make her jump into the water.  She just laughs and smiles so I know there is hope.  My goal is to get her extremely comfortable in the water and hopefully teach her some basics to start swimming around.

Here is video I found of Erwan Le Corre, creator of Movnat, performing an amazing outdoor circuit.  He combines so many great elements into one workout in which he keeps going around and around.  He scales up and down a steep hill, he uses his tremendous upper body strength to climb on top of the tree trunk, he works his balance walking across the tree and he uses some explosive power picking up and throwing a heavy stone.  With Movnat numbers and weight are unimportant.  It is all about feeling, being in tune with your body and enjoying the process.

Try to think of ways to create your own Movnat outdoor circuit.  It could be something so easy as push ups off a park bench, to running across the field, to climbing a tree, to swinging on the monkey bars and finishing it off with swinging on the swings.  Go with what you are feeling and what makes you happy.  Try not to be so focused on sets, numbers, and reps.

Have fun, keep it moving and enjoy.



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