To Go Without

I believe in today’s world we are swarmed and overloaded with abundance.  We have a closet full of clothes, a pantry and refrigerator full of food, and thousands of TV shows to watch at any given moment.  We believe more is better and it is not good to be without and I could not disagree more.  I believe it is good to go without, to make life simpler and to have less choices to choose from.  I believe there are many areas we can make improvements in and learn to go without and I would like to discuss those areas now.


Food is important, don’t get me wrong, however sometimes it is great to go without.  We are so wrapped up to believe that if we do not feed our bodies at least 3-7 times a day then we will just wither away and die.  I guarantee you it will never happen.  As I am writing this I am going on a 16 plus  hour fast.  No food since last night and I am still going strong.  Yes I may have had a couple of cups of coffee earlier this morning but other than that I have been feeling pretty good.  It is okay to miss or skip a meal from time to time.  It is okay to go without food for an extended period of time.  Missing meals actually helps you burn more fat because your body and is running off of it’s own stored energy.

Speaking of food, it is definitely beneficial for you to go without any processed food.  The more you can eliminate processed food or go without it from your diet, the better off you will be.  Forever.


I think bathing is something we can go without occasionally.  Now, I am not talking never shower or bath again but missing a day or two is perfectly fine.  I do not shower everyday, mainly only on the days I work out and sweat which is usually 3 to 4.  On my recovery off days where the most activity I get is a 20 minute walk or so then no.  There is no need.  A have some clients of mine in which they shower before they come to see me and then afterwards.  And I just think to myself why? What a waste.  Your skin and hair will dry out and lose a lot of their natural oils is you shower to frequently.  Go without a shower every once in awhile, your skin and your water bill will thank you.


This one is a tricky one but most of our electronics (TV, computer, cell phone, ipad, nook,etc) we can definitely go without.  I believe we are too technologically dependent staring at various sized screens for very long periods of our day.  If we are not watching TV we are playing with our cell phones and/or with our computer.  I know I am guilty as charged.  I have been thinking about it and there are times where I am watching TV while typing this blog and answering text messages.  Not good.  I firmly believe we need to limit our screen exposure.  My new goal is only 1 screen on at a time if I need be.  There are many times when it is just me and my daughter Devon playing around with nothing on except for some music.  I do not want her to get in the habit of always be around a TV.  I want her and I to play and enjoy each other as well as nature outside.  We can definitely go without the use of our electronics.  Not using anything actually makes us want to go outside and do things, be more active and enjoy our surroundings.  Try to be less dependent on your electronics and more dependent on getting outside.


Now I know this one sounds crazy but let’s think about it for a minute.  Think about the last time you had a power outage for many hours.  What did you do?  You could not do anything inside because it was dark and depending on the season hot or cold.  Having no electricity again forces you to get outside and meet your neighbors.  Maybe set up a tent and camp in the backyard.  I am sure your kids will love it.  Speaking of which, I do wish electricity would short out on a couple of man made devices, mainly escalators and elevators.  This would require us to actually move our bodies unassisted, burn more calories and strengthen our legs.  Try if you can to go without anything that helps move people and use the stairs.

Try to think of some areas of your life where you can go without and how much it can benefit you.


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