New Vibrams

A couple of weeks ago I was able to take advantage of an internet sale and purchase a new pair of Vibram’s I had my eye on for a discounted price.  The new pair of vibram’s I purchased are called the Seeya’s.  The Seeya’s are their new extremely minimal very light weight running shoe.

Let me tell you I fell in love with them when I first put them on.  They are very comfortable, very light weight and very minimal.  My first time putting them on they slipped right on with no hassle at all.  Many of you vibram fans out there should be very familiar with wrestling a brand new pair of vibram’s on your feet.  Feeling like it takes about 3 minutes per foot to get them on.  Not with these, these slipped right on with no wrestling. There was hardly any break in period and felt great instantly.

I could not wait to test them out and they certainly did not disappoint.  I am not a runner at all by any means.  I prefer to do sprint training.  High intensity sprints usually on the treadmill lasting anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds.  They performed very well and I had no issues with them.  They are like I said very light, so at first they seemed like they would just fly off my feet.  After tightening the strap, I started getting really comfortable and trusting with them.  They feel great and I look forward to trying them out in the grass.  They perform very well in the gym too.  I have no issues with jumping, lifting and moving around in them.

They are definitely a welcomed pair to my vibram family.


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