12 Things I Do Everyday

A lists of things I do everyday in which I think are extremely important.  Some are easy and basic, others are more meaningful.  All of them I believe will help me live a long, hopefully disease free and satisfied life.  What are your daily tasks?  Which ones do you do everyday that benefit you and enhance the quality of you life?
  1. Floss
  2. Kiss my wife “hello” and “goodbye”
  3. Say out loud EVERYTHING I am grateful and thankful for
  4. Make contact with the earth with my barefeet
  5. Tell my wife and daughter I love them often
  6. Eat whole natural foods
  7. Drink mainly water
  8. Get sun (if it’s out)
  9. Walk outside
  10. Read my daily goal lists
  11. Drive to and from work in silence
  12. Wear my vibram five finger shoes

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