Synchronized Diving

Happy Friday everyone!  It is time for yet another installment of diving Friday and this week we are going to cover synchronized diving.  Synchro diving made it’s first debut in the 2000 Olympics in which they compete on the 3 meter and 10 meter platform.  When it is performed well, it looks absolutely amazing.  You should not be able to tell that there are two divers, it should look like a mirrored image.  It is very impressive to have two individuals perform these very difficult dives, spinning at the same rate, hitting the water at the same time without a splash.  When it is performed correctly it is amazing.  However, the reason I am not a huge fan of synchronized diving is because when it is off, it is really bad.  Two divers spinning and hitting the water at two different times, not so good.  Anyway, this is the best video I have found so enjoy.  Have a fantastic Memorial day weekend everyone.


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