World Record High Dive

In the diving world, there is all different types of diving.  You have the low dive (1 meter), the high dive (3 meters), platform diving (5, 7.5, & 10 meter) and you have high diving.  High diving is anything over 10 meters (33 feet).  I have done my fair share of diving on all of the various different heights and have a great amount of dives performed from 70 feet.  In my show diving days, I use to perform a flying back somersault from the top of the high dive ladder as the grand finale for the show.  Other divers go on to perform at various high dive competitions throughout the world from heights anywhere from 80 to 100 feet.

Then there are these other even crazier than normal divers performing world record high dives.  Back in the early 1980’s, ABC and World Wide Sports use to air these world record attempts on the local television.  These brave, extremely crazy divers jump off a ladder that is 172 feet!  That is 100 feet more than the highest high dive I have ever performed.  Absolutely nuts!!

There were several divers who competed in the competition but the diver in the video is one who truly nailed his dive.  The diver is Mr. Dana Kunze and hats off to you for having the balls to get up there and do it.


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