Rally Time

Next time one of your good friends, neighbors, siblings or significant other ask you if you would like to go with them to wherever they want to go, go with them.  It is rally time.  Rally time simply means going along and gaining valuable life experiences with new adventures and creating new memories.  It is very easy for most of us to say no and just keep going with our ordinary, boring everyday routines.  More than likely it is just interfering with you sitting on the couch and watching whatever program on TV you have scheduled that night.    I would like for you to change your mindset and think it is rally time.

How many times have you went with somebody to say a concert or game or somewhere new and just had the greatest time?  Probably more so yes than no.  This is because you and your body like to be constantly challenged with new stimulus’s and experiences.  The world is the greatest playground out there and your body is not meant to be sedentary, inactive, and consistently doing the same boring routine.  Get out there and create new experiences.  Look into local live bands that play in your area or take in a ball game with a friend.  My favorite thing right now is to take my 13 month old daughter to different parks around the area and watch her explore and investigate.

A prime example of rally time for me was yesterday.  I had just returned home from training my morning clients and my wife was heading out the door to rollerblade the boardwalk with our daughter.  Now, I could either not go and stay at home by myself all alone and probably not do anything productive OR I could grab my roller skates and join them.  I chose to rally.  Like always, I am so glad I did.  It was a beautiful day outside, I got some exercise, some sun, some family time and got to breathe that fresh ocean air.

I know sometimes you are tired, exhausted, frustrated or just had ‘one of those days’ but sometimes the best cure for that is doing something out of your normal routine.  I am not saying you have to be going out everyday, but try to mix it up a bit and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.  You will be happy you did, creating new memories and who knows you might even make some new friends.

Just remember, Rally time.


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