More Than a Workout

Happy Monday all, I hope you are all fired up and ready to tackle yet another week in the trenches.  I had a fantastic weekend with a couple of BBQ’s, some great family time and a great night out bowling with some friends.  I would love to give a great shout out and appreciation to all of those mom’s out there, you ladies are great and we are all so grateful to have you in our lives.

More Than A Workout

Pumping the iron you feel the rush.

 Your heart beats faster

Your sweat flows quicker

You feel the pressure of every lift

You feel the repetitions making rest a desirable gift

Yet you keep you stamina, you keep your pride

Fighting every last pound with the will to survive

You know quitting is for the meek

And for you it’s not only strength you seek

You are looking for a voice to be found in your exertion

To make you a better person with a new profound sense of determination

From the iron fists that take swings everyday

To the rush and chaos that may come your way

You know that this training will only make you firm and resolved

Ready to lead others by example and have the strength to move on

by:  Logan Michael Albers


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