My New Toy

Introducing the Pogo Stick.  I bought this after watching a Juan Carlos Santana exercise dvd and the thing freaking rocks.  I don’t remember ever having a pogo stick as a youngster and let me tell you this things is so much fun.  By far the neatest thing to see is the clients getting on it, giving it their best shot with however many bounces and getting off with a huge smile on their face.  I know it brings back many memories from people’s childhoods and  hopefully makes them realize that we can play and have fun at any age.   It’s not only super fun but it also beneficial to you as well.  Pogo-ing(?) is great for the circulation system as well as the lymphatic system and gives you a good workout.  After pogo-ing for 3 minutes straight, my legs, arms, grip and core get kinda tired and leaves me slightly out of breath.  Such a great enjoyable toy.

Remember to never stop playing.  There still is a kid in ALL of us.  It is just hidden by work, responsibilities, life and more than anything the terrifying fear of looking stupid or like an idiot in public.  Get over it.  Maybe everyone looking at you is the weird one and you are the normal one.  We all know they are watching you and deep down are slightly jealous.  I think it is human nature to want to play, laugh, have fun and it all be socially accepted.

We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing.


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