A Good Laugh

We all should know by now that in order to achieve optimal health you should be balanced in all areas of your life such as work, sleep, rest, activity, exercise and stress. One area I would like to particularly cover is laughter. Laughing is so good for your health, your heart and your soul. Out loud belly laughing makes your abdominal muscles contract, your cheeks hurt from smiling and sometimes if it is a good one, it makes you cry. You feel great, happy and relaxed after a good laughing session. There are many tools you can use to induce your laughter being movies, jokes and just everyday experiences that happen. The video below always makes me laugh and I have seen it several times. It touches a different cord if you are married or in a relationship because you can really relate. Regardless, it is pretty funny stuff.

It’s business time.  I say this to my wife if it has been awhile and she always smiles.


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