Going Primal at the Beach

Yesterday I took full advantage of my short 2 hour break in the middle of the day.  I woke up at my usual time of 5 am and  started my usual routine getting ready for work.  As I was sitting down tying my shoes, I receive of  text message from my 6 am client letting me know he was not going to be able to make his session.  Sweet!  So I grabbed  a blanket, set the alarm and napped on the couch with my pug Boo.  I went into work, trained 5 fabulous clients of mine before heading down to the beach.  I had a two hour break in the middle of the day so I decided to head to the beach for some great fun in the sun.

It was the typical southern California weather, you know, 75 and sunny with a slight breeze.  I knew I needed to get my workout in and I needed to eat so I thought what better way than at the beach.  Grabbed my gym bag, towel, lunch and away I went.  As I arrived to the sand, I took my shoes and shirt off, put a hat on, laid my towel out and sat down taking in the blue ocean scenery as the sun warmed my skin.  The waves were a great size today so it was impressive to see and hear the water crashing down with such power and grace.  The beach was plenty popular with plenty of kids scattered through out the sand and water.

After sitting there enjoying the day and thinking of all in which I am grateful for, I decided it was time to start moving.  I stood up, did a quick stretch and went right into some side to side lunges and some body weight squats.  Felt pretty good and took off into a jog.  I stayed on the wet sand jogging with the outline of the white wash.  I continued on down to the jetty and back which was about 300 yards each way.  Today was going to be my sprint workout day.    I picked two  random objects to set as my markers and started getting on it.  I did the first sprint at about 75% and the second around 85% to get warmed up.  I proceeded to do 4- 5 full all out sprints.  After each sprint I would walk back to my starting position to let my heart rate recover a bit before doing the next one.  I was not really counting, I just went until I was getting tired and was not having fun anymore.

It was really interesting to see as I was walking back retracing my steps, I noticed there was almost 5-6 feet in between some of my stride lengths.  I thought that was pretty far and something I have never really noticed how much ground you actually cover in a sprint. I walked down to the other end of the beach and did some side shuffling and cross over footwork before skipping all the way back to my towel.  Yes I skipped and I did it proudly.  Skipping is a fantastic, primal motor movement which is not only highly effective in getting around but also extremely fun.  Try it next time, I guarantee you will smile.

After all that moving around, it was time to eat my primally prepared meal.  I wanted to show you all how easy it is to eat healthfully and give you an idea of meals to eat.


In the tupperware you will see:  a handful of blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, 2 handfuls of carrots, 2 cooked pork sausages, and a handful of grape tomatoes.  Not included in the photo was the  3 handfuls of plain almonds and bottle of water I also enjoyed.  Eating like this takes hardly any time to prepare.  I believe this took me all of 5 minutes to prepare the night before.  It really is easy guys.  All fresh foods, nothing processed(yes, sausage slightly, I know) very delicious and very nutritious.  Simple.  Easy.

After I was done eating, I was pretty warm so I decided to take a dip in my big blue friend. The Pacific ocean is usually almost always cold but today it was very manageable and very refreshing.  Refreshing to the point to where it cooled your skin, slightly took your breath away and made you keep moving all the while making you  feel very alive and alert.

I enjoyed my mid day excursion from the usual grind of our everyday routines.  It doesn’t take much to mix up your day.  What can you do to mix up your?  Enjoy your day and embrace it as much as you can.  Remember, you only get 1 today, how are you going to spend it?


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