1968 Olympic Trials

Two videos for you your viewing pleasure today.  The first video is of the 1968 Olympic diving trials at the Long Beach pool.  I love the fact it is in black and white and slow motion, it makes it even more classic.  Also you will see is the old school running reverse take off.  Divers would take about 2 steps and drive their knee up on the third while throwing the head back in order to get the somersault started.  Today’s divers stand on the edge of the platform with their toes hanging over and execute a big arm swing and knee bend to get spinning.

This second video is of Mr. Dick Kimball, one of USA’s greatest divers, performing some difficult dives with the help of a mini trampoline off of 10 meter.  I believe it is at the same pool of the 1968 trials and I would bet it was after the competition.  I love that this was caught on tape and it just goes to show all divers love to show off, learn new dives, and perform some crazy sh@#.  What is even better is that Mr. Kimball is performing dives off of a mini tramp in which divers today are doing with ease without.  Great diving and great footage.


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