MovNat Training

One of my favorite things is training outside in the elements, in nature, getting fresh air and reconnecting with the earth. I love the simplicity of training with minimum equipment, no shoes and using the land as your playground. I think more workouts need to be like this one, basic, simple, and fun. I think we as humans put way too much emphasis on the quantitative and completely ignore the quality of the movement. We are preoccupied with how many reps, sets and length of time will give us the perfect recipe for optimal fitness.

There is NO PERFECT RECIPE. I think this is why I love the MovNat training so much because it is directed at good, quality movement that is functional in the primal/ modern world. Everything you will see in this video is fantastic and I would love to do. I would love to be right next to this female doing exactly as she does. This is how fitness was before gyms and weights were built and created. Everything in the gym is a replication of some functional movement we had to do.  You had to run, jump, climb, tumble, balance, carry and scale in order to survive.  In the video you can see how she is not counting any reps and is consistently moving and challenging her body with different stimulus’.


Next time you are at the park or beach try to remember this video and create your own workout with the environment in front of you.  Peace and love to all.


One thought on “MovNat Training

  1. Interesting concept. I’m definitely a fan of training the body for its natural functions. That’s why I’ve dropped machine-based exercises entirely.

    Thanks for posting! šŸ™‚

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