Awesome Tabata Example

Below is a video of Pete Hogan one of Power Fitness‘s great trainers and a good friend of mine killing it in a tabata.  He is doing 3 rounds of 3 different exercises for 20 seconds on and 10 seconds of recovery/transition time.  Normally I would work out with him and do what he does but today unfortunately(fortunately?) I was working.  I decided to take advantage and video what went down because I thought it was impressive.  The video is of his third round of 225 pound deadlifts to 20 pound coverter ball slams (love this thing) and Keiser high row with probably 40 pounds. (I didn’t have a chance to peak at it).  It is just a great combination to watch, strength to rotational power to speed pull.  It is all geared to build muscle, burn fat, jack up the heart rate, stimulate the fast twitch muscle fibers and create a metabolic disturbance.  Oh what a beautiful thing.  Enjoy


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