Is Sugar Toxic?

I do not know if any of you had the pleasure to view the special on 60 Minutes a couple of weeks ago about sugar.  I just viewed this for the first time a couple of days ago and absolutely 100% agree with it.  I believe sugar is extremely toxic, extremely detrimental to your health and unfortunately is in EVERYTHING.  If you are not happy with your weight, health, or body fat look into how much sugar you are consuming on a daily basis.  They say the average American consumes 1/3 of a pound of sugar on a daily basis!  That equates to over 2 lbs of sugar a week and over 104 lbs a year.  Way too much sweet stuff for any one person let alone 10.  People who consume excess amounts of sugar are at a high risk for heart disease, diabetes and whole other onslaught of health problems.  I thought it was quite interesting in the video when they talk about if you have cancer or a tumor all the excess sugar you consume feeds it and makes the cancer worse or the tumor bigger.

Sugar is in everything.  All those processed foods you love, enjoy and come from a box or bag contain sugar.  It is in yogurt, spaghetti sauce, bread, chips, crackers and almost all fast food.  The big culprits you have to look out for are high fructose corn syrup and just fructose.  Read the back of your labels and make sure whatever you put in your mouth does not contain either of these ingredients.  High fructose corn syrup(hfcs) is in most of your syrups, candy, ice cream, sodas  and even ketchup.  Stay away, this is bad news.

Sugar is addicting because the more you have the more you will want.  Sugar activates the reward center of your brain making you feel good and wanting more.  You have to be careful though because you can build a tolerance.  Meaning the more you ingest the less likely it activates the reward center of your brain making you eat more sugar to get the same response.

Another reason why I am a big fan of the Power of 1.  My Powerof1 is to eat only one ingredient foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs and meat.  I guarantee if you want to dramatically alter the state of your health then eliminate sugar.  I eat following the Power of 1 truthfully about 95% of the time and let me tell you I feel great.  I do not get sick, I have great energy, I do not have the energy blood sugar crash like most of you, I sleep great, and I love knowing I am keeping my body healthy and disease free.  If you want to feel this way too, which you can, then start by eliminating your sugar intake.

“If you can pick it or kill, then eat it”


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