Motivation From Anywhere

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a fantastic weekend filled with great times, family and friends.  I really enjoyed my weekend spending some much needed time with my two lovely girls, Jessica and Devon.  It was typical southern Cali weather(75 and sunny) this weekend and we took full advantage of it playing in the park and walking around our apartment.  It is absolutely fascinating watching your child move around, process, problem solve and investigate.  They are very curious with so much to learn and so much love.

As we were hanging out after Sunday brunch, we had on the Masters.  Hopefully you had this on and were able to witness the most amazing display of golf I have ever seen.  By far one of the best Masters in history, to see it go down to 2 sudden death holes, to a miraculous double eagle, to a gracious and emotional winner was unbelieveable.  Also one of the closest fields I have seen with everyone making a run.  Just great golf.  Seeing Mr Bubba Watson break down truly pulls on those heart strings.  To have something you have always dream of come true and for it to happen such a great and deserving guy was spectacular to watch.

My Monday motivation for you today comes from a video I found while searching for something else other than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to play for Devon.  I typed in Elmo and up came all of these other Sesame Street songs.  This one stands out particularly well and can be applied to everyone, of any age, at any given time,  Although it is a kid show, the song has a fantastic message and just makes you feel good.  Thought it was quite fitting for the weekend.


One thought on “Motivation From Anywhere

  1. This is Tate’s all time FAVORITE! This is the song we sing to him when he does backfloats at swimming. It has such a postive message, we catch ourselves singing it all the time 🙂

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