College Diving

Today my friends as I am off to Pasadena community college for a diving meet with my team orange coast college, I give you a video of college diving.  The video is of the ACC conference diving 1 meter final, the best of the best dueling it out for their schools.  In college diving you get to appreciate the learning phase of  diving to where the diving is really pretty,  simple and elegant but also to appreciate the inconsistencies.  You will see more basic dives done remarkably well.   You will have a lot more missed dives in collegiate diving than you usually may see.  No, every diver does not get perfect 10 every time and that’s okay as long as they are competing and having fun.  These divers in this video are pretty amazing.  My favorite dive is at a 1:05 , the dude just powders a front  2 1/2 pike.

Have a great easter everyone!  Remember it’s okay to eat the whole easter egg not just the  whites part.


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