Exercise Band Circuit

It is workout Wednesday again folks and I have a great band circuit for you.  Exercise bands are a fantastic tool to use.  They are great for everyone, you can control your own resistance simply by moving backward or forward and creating more or less tension on the band. They also come in different resistances from smaller in diameter to really large in diameter, they larger they get the harder they are.   I really like them because you can do a lot of great compound movements you can’t get from any machines.  Here is a circuit I did trying to do all the exercises I could think of.  My favorite exercises with these are the squat and row and the squat and press.  Amazing for the whole body.  Try out the ones you like or do the whole thing, whatever floats your boat.  Again I did only 5 reps due to time restraints.  Have fun and keep that body moving.

“There is no finish line”


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