Diving Learning Phase

As most of you may know, you are not born an olympic champion.   You have to work hard, train hard, master your craft and have maybe a bit of luck on your side.  In your quest to greatness  there is always the learning phase.  The learning phase in diving requires you to reach outside your comfort zone and “try” new dives.  This requires you to fling your body in all different directions doing more somersaults and twists you have ever done and land it successfully.

Luckily for our viewing pleasure I have a wonderful video of a Purdue diving camp.  A diving camp is where young divers go to learn new dives safely.  You will see a large white ring of bubbles underneath the board these are there to soften the water.  It takes the sting out a bit but you can still feel it.  These youngsters do a great job of showing the painful beginning stages of diving.  All of us divers can relate to at least 3 or 4 of these wonderful smacks during our days.  Oh memories.


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