Wonderful Wednesday’s

Wednesday’s are becoming my favorite day of the week.  Wednesday is daddy – daughter day.  I am fortunate enough to be able to work only half a day on wednesday so I can head home and watch Devon while mom goes to work.  From 130 on it is just me and my beautiful little girl spending quality time together doing whatever it is we want.  It is our special time and I cherish it so much.  Having a child with a woman I love dearly has filled a void in my life I feel has been missing.  I now have this new bound passion, energy and feelings of excitement and just all out joy when I am with my pumpkin.  Kids really are the coolest and greatest product of love.  They are just so innocent, so pure, so excited and so very curious.   Watching them grow and develop  everyday is amazing and being able to see the world through their eyes is truly magical.

Lately on daddy-daughter day, we have been taking the dogs  with us on our walk to the local park.  We have been to this park the last 3 weeks so a lot of the girls remember my dogs Boo and Jack Jack.  It was another gorgeous day out in lovely sunny California.  I would say it was 75, sunny and slight breeze, you know, the usual.  Today was really neat because Devon has really figured out how to walk this past week so she was tearing it up.  Walking in the sand no problem and climbing the stairs.  Just for curiosity I had her hang from the monkey bars.  She hung there for a good 20 seconds before dropping back into my arms.  I was blown away.  I knew I had a monkey for a daughter.   I was taking full advantage of the day as well, I took my shoes and shirt off and monkeyed around on all the playground equipment.

Interesting conversation happened today.  Devon was on top of this very small grass downhill slope and I was at the bottom.  She started to progress down the hill like most out of control children who just learned to walk do, fast and reckless.  As she was beginning her decent, a man who appeared to be homeless was walking by.  We both knew what was coming and we were just waiting for the end result.  Naturally and very luckily Devon does take a spill but falls backward on her butt just slides a foot.  We both laughed at it.  No harm done.  As he continued walking,  he said to me “You have a great life homey, keep it that way.”  And I of course naturally replied thank you with a smile.

This really got me thinking.  We all do have a great life and we really do need to keep it that way.  Everyday that you are able to wake up for is a great day.  When you put your feet on the floor say out loud “thank you” because everyday is a blessing.  We should all be grateful for the life we have, for our health and happiness and the beauty to see the sun rise again.  We should all be grateful for everything we have, for the clothes on our back, for the food in your fridge and in your belly, for the money in your wallet or bank account, for the nice safe, warm comfortable bed you sleep in every night, for the job you have and to even the car that gets you there.  Be grateful for there are people out there who have not.  One of my favorite sayings that helps keep me appreciative is “It can always be worse”.

Always be grateful.


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